World Refugee Day


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For World Refugee Day Event on June 23, 2019, Make A House A Home Project by Tiffany Singh connected people to the well-being of refugees in Bangkok through colorful artworks made by young refugee kids.

This event was a collaboration between Bangkok 1899, with Na Projects Group, Amnesty Thailand, Asylum Access Global & Host International to work with the children of refugee families, making works that will be available for exchange for World Refugee Day. In the event there were workshops organized by refugee families from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Vietnam, and Myanmar. Participants were given opportunities to learn and connect with these people through food, art, and culture.

Our artist-in-residence, Tiffany Singh, participated in the event through the exhibition of her personal Make A House A Home Projects; a social practice art project to help raise awareness and gather items for people in need through art. This project allows interested individuals to bring items that can be useful to the refugee families and exchange them with an artwork made by young refugee children.

Originating in Dunedin, New Zealand the Make A House A Home Project, is connected with the Red Cross aim to ‘turn houses into homes for families’ through community donations and support. In bringing the project to Thailand Tiffany Singh has teamed up with Na Café & Bangkok 1899  to create artwork with children from refugee families and exhibit them in exchange for useful goods. At the end of this exhibition, all items will be donated and divided among the families, acting as a small token of welcome and support.

Over 31 color hand prints were created by the refugee children in their earlier workshop with Tiffany Singh. The artist used colored leaves and dye colors from flowers to teach the children how to make art by using natural ingredients. The children were allowed to freely express their innate creativity.

The exchange will be available until all the artworks are taken.

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