Unnatural Language: Bangkok 1899


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Artist-in-resident Scott Kildall – virtual program
We invite you to come experience and shape a temporary “normal” for installation art as an international, virtual exhibition with sound installation. Click here for the FB  event!

9pm–midnight PST (May 15th)
11am–2pm ICT (May 16th)

Join us online for the final exhibition of Bangkok 1899's first new media resident Scott Kildall, who will unveil a site-specific audio installation called “Unnatural Language: Bangkok 1899,” curated by Jennifer Katanyoutanant. This installation turns tangible, everyday ecological distress into an immediate and personal experience.

Audiences from around the world will be able to join us for a live, multi channel experience that re-imagines interactive sound installations in a fully digital format. In this international Zoom exhibition, we will host three separate rooms for the audience to see and hear Unnatural Language – which will be hosted from two different locations, Scott’s home in San Francisco and Bangkok 1899. Check below to join a virtual guided tour led by Scott himself. Each tour will conclude with a Q&A moderated by the curator.

This artwork activates the entire Bangkok 1899 outdoor space by placing electronic sensors that dynamically mix recordings of Bangkok to create a unique audio synthesized soundscape from eight different sculptures interspersed throughout the space.

The sensors include air quality, noise pollution, water quality and soil health in compost bins. Each one uses recordings of Bangkok’s most recognizable noises to modulate local audio synthesizers. The result is an ever-changing data-driven spatialized audio soundscape.

The sculptures themselves reflect Bangkok’s reuse economy, using reclaimed wood, recycling auto parts from the Sieng Keng Zone, scavenged plastic and stencils of climate change effects in Bangkok.

InsightPact.com is partnering with Bangkok 1899 on this virtual program. They create space for citizens and organizations to tackle humanity’s biggest challenges. In 2020, InsightPact is providing support to nonprofits who want to take their events and meetings online in an impactful and interactive way.

Scott Kildall is a San Francisco based artist and educator, who is visiting Bangkok 1899 for the month of March for this special project. During this time, he collaborated with local reuse organizations such as Precious Plastic Bangkok, SOS and local woodworker (Nanu Youttananukorn) to uphold Bangkok’s traditional woodworking techniques.

Jennifer Katanyoutanant is an artist and curator exploring social practice through digital mediums such as interactive web, virtual and augmented reality.

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