Marriott’s Chef Surplus Cooking Challenge x  Bangkok 1899


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On May 30th 2019, Bangkok 1899 and its NGO partners; such as Scholar of Sustenance (SOS), Ford Motor Company Fund and Na Café, ran a charity lunch event called " Marriott's Chef Surplus Cooking Challenge " with Marriott Hotel.

In the morning, chefs from Thai Marriott hotels worked together with staff from NGO organizations; including Bangkok 1899, Na Café, Ford Motor Company Fund, and Scholar of Sustenance, to cook and arrange high quality dishes to be served as lunch for students at
Satri Julanak School. All the students got to engage in activities and conversations with the chefs and staff while enjoying a great number of delicious dishes made from the best ingredients and cooked to perfection. Big thanks to Marriott Hotel for working with us in such an amazing social event.

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Comments (2)
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