"Landlocked" a Contemporary Dance Performance by Jay Carlon


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Jay Carlon
 will present a new piece, titled “Landlocked,” a collaborative dance piece with the Bangkok City Ballet and DD Flection. In Thailand, this work will be staged on the 8th and 9th of February 7pm to 9pm at Bangkok 1899.

Tickets are now available at Ticketmelon

Jay Carlon is in the process of choreographing and rehearsing this new contemporary piece while in-residence at Bangkok 1899, making this performance a truly site-specific experience for the audience.

“Landlocked” takes inspiration from his multi-cultural experience as a first generation youth growing up in urban America, and speaks to the inherent trauma of being third culture in a migrant family. Audience members at Bangkok 1899’s exclusive performances will have a rare opportunity to directly engage with this work.

Stage sets and props used for performances in Thailand will be designed and built by Space Saloon, a nomadic design laboratory, that is also participating in this residency program. All pieces are built with recycled/upcycled materials plus craft objects from the local community. This is complemented by lighting, color and upcycled costumes. Models of this mobile and modular stage build will be on display at TCDC throughout Bangkok Design Week, and are sponsored by the Ford Motor Company Fund.

Na Cafe will be open on-site with great drinks and snacks available - guests are welcome to come by early for dinner, reservations encouraged, and beverage service is available throughout the performance.

Residencies, performances and stage builds are facilitated through Creative Migration, the arts nonprofit organization that established Bangkok 1899.

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