Happy Hour with New Media Artist: Scott Kildall


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Join us for meet and greet with our new resident, Scott Kildall, a San Francisco-based new media artist who will be building a site-specific installation called Unnatural Language. The Happy Hour will be on March 6, 18.30-21.30 at Bangkok 1899.  

Unnatural Language is a network of electronic organisms (“Datapods”) that create sonic improvisations from physical sensors in the natural environment. Each Datapod has custom electronics connected to sensors, a speaker, and a wireless network. The sensed data, for example from electrodes that measure the subtle electrical variations in the leaves of plants, is transformed into a unique synthesized sound. Encased in sculptural materials (natural fiber, leather, leaves, etc) and dispersed into a natural environment, the Datapods enter into a sonic dialogue with the existing ecosystem of plants and animals.

During his one-month residency in Bangkok, Scott will be building custom sensors and creating sculptural works that reflect the reuse economy of Bangkok and transform measurements air quality, water quality and noise pollution to a spatialized dynamic audio composition.

Come have drinks, check out his work, and meet other Bangkok-based artists working with technology on March 6, 2020 from 18.30 onward at Bangkok 1899.

Food and drink available for purchase at Na Cafe.

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Comments (4)
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